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Why children should be vaccinated?

Why children should be vaccinated

Paper instructions:

Essay 3 requires you to present an argument, defending a position using logic and evidence. You will need to try to convince your audience that your stance on a position is a worthwhile and rational one.


Choose an issue upon which people disagree. Your task is to discuss this issue and take a position within the debate. You will defend this position using evidence (primarily examples, statistics, and authoritative testimony) and logic. You should consider counter-arguments and decide whether to ignore or refute them.

Your topic should be appropriately narrowed for the length of the paper—some very large topics (such as the death penalty, abortion, the truth of religion) are very difficult to deal with in such a short space. You will have more success with a sub-topic within such a larger field (i.e.: "The death penalty is wrong" can lead to a paper which covers a lot of ideas but only very shallowly; "The death penalty is applied unfairly due to racial discrimination" would give you a chance to delve into more depth, which is what makes for better papers). The topic should also not be too narrow (“Should I change my hairstyle?”). Remember that facts cannot be argued (though how they are collected or evaluated can be, and certainly theories can be disputed); neither can personal preferences (no one can argue with you that green is your favorite color or that you like pizza).

Your support should be made up of a mixture of types of evidence. Six (6) outside sources are required for this paper; at least three (3) of these must be from published sources (a book, a magazine, newspaper, or journal article, or a government document), and at least two (2) must be from Valley College library online databases. You may use (and are encouraged to use) more sources if you wish.

Though they may contain some useful information and may be a good place to begin, some sources are not sufficiently authoritative for a college-level research paper. Specifically, dictionaries, encyclopedias (including online encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia), and general interest web sites (such as, Yahoo Answers, eHow, or, etc.) will not count toward your required six sources. Please consult the web links provided about vetting internet sources and follow the guidelines listed there when choosing your sources.

The steps you need to take, then, are as follows:

(1) Define the Issue: Make sure everyone is on the same page, figuratively speaking. What is the issue about which you are writing? Is there background information that will be necessary and/or useful? While you may find a wealth of history and background information, this is not a history paper: remember only to include that which helps us understand the current debate.

(2) Take a Stance: Where do you stand in the debate? Remember, a good paper is rarely just "pro" or "con," but has a nuanced stance. While it may be tempting to weigh both sides equally, "fence-sitting" is not an acceptable stance; for the purpose of this paper, you need to take a specific position and defend it.

(3) Defend Your Position: Muster evidence in the form of examples, statistics, and authoritative testimony that shows why your position is a good one. The bulk of your research and evidence will most likely be used here. Consult the web links on writing argumentative papers for more information and guidelines.

(4) Consider Counter-Arguments: Think about what those opposed to you might say. Can you answer their questions or prove that the points they would raise are invalid, or at least not as strong as yours?


Papers will be primarily graded based upon the Assessments Standards. Evidence and logical argument will be key to your success, as will specifics and detail. Your ability to use MLA formatting and citations is crucial.



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Deploying windows server 2012

In deploying Windows server 2012 R2 the deployment shall first be done on a test network and later on deployed to the enterprise if everything runs well. The version of the server Operating system that I shall use is the full graphical interface version to enable ease of use by any administrator granted a server administration role by the company. The reason as to why I chose datacentre over standard, essentials and featured versions of Windows server R2 is because R2 is designed for the extremely large and powerful servers and it also comes along with a hot-add processor support. Windows server 2012 R2 also happens to have unlimited virtual operating system environments. Alongside windows server, R2 Datacentre installation is the server core which also comes along with may advantages’ server core is capable of reducing memory and processor elements that are intensive, when server core is chosen as an option it means that attackers will have a reduced interface for performing attacks. There is also the advantage of the swap area and disk space usage and reduced patches that an administrator has to apply compared to the graphical interface. Windows datacentre, therefore, becomes superior in that an administrator can easily switch in between server core and the regular administrator’s graphical interfaces that he/she is familiar with.

The new manager in the operating system enables the administrator to add administration roles and group policies which will, in turn, assist in the running of the organization (Thomas, 2014). Windows 2012 server R2 also happens to have a feature on demand feature which enables the retrieval of a file from another location and this helps in the conservation off memory.  This can be extremely useful  for many user requirements that are demanded in the organization.

For windows Server 2012 R2 to be deployed easily the processors must meet a minimum of 1.4 GHz,64-bit Processor, internet access, keyboard and mouse,32Gb of storage,512 RAM and the resolution must be from a super VGA.


I will definitely use Hyper-V to enable a virtualized computing environment especially when there is a need to run multiple operating systems on the same machine. Hyper-V is very important in ensuring availability, especially in private cloud environments. When shared virtual hard-disks are used they enable the same disk to be used by different virtual machines and this is used by windows failover clustering to enable the shared storage. Hyper-V enables maintenance and configuration operations without turning off the virtual machines. This is done after resizing the virtual hard disks (Minasi, Bartolo Mariann., & Sneed, n.d.). The maximum I/O input and output loads for each virtual machine can also be set to ensure that the throughput of one hard disk cause no impact on another virtual host. Hyper-V and Windows Failover clustering in this environment will be used to ensure that there are no network failovers for any of the existing virtual machines.



Minasi, M., Barsolo Mariann., & Sneed, R. Mastering windows server 2012.

Stanek, W. (2014). Windows Server 2012 R2 essentials & configuration. Redmond, Wash.: Microsoft Press.

Thomas, O. (2014). Configuring advanced Windows server 2012 R2 services. Redmond, Wash.: Microsoft Press.

What’s New in Hyper-V for Windows Server 2012 R2. Retrieved 3 October 2016, from

Windows Server 2016 | Microsoft. (2016). Retrieved 3 October 2016, from




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Essay writing services for tough papers in your assignments

Essay writing services for tough papers in your assignments

Essay writing services for tough papers in your assignment or homework

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Essay homework help

Essay homework help

Essay homework help

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Essay homework help for students worldwide

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